Noel-Ardinger Immigrant Ancestors


We are a nation of immigrants. Most of us descend from others who came to this land whether by their own volition or against their will. With this in mind, I will be documenting all the known immigrant ancestors for both my family and my spouse’s family. This is second installment of this series.


The next immigrant ancestors I shall chronicle are the predecessors of my paternal grandmother, Betty Lee Noell: the Noel-Ardinger family.

Of my 32 fifth great grandparents on my paternal mother’s side, two are known immigrants: Johannes “John” Felix, born in Lambach, Moselle, Lorraine, France, and Johannes Neitzell, born in Germany.

Of my 64 paternal mother’s sixth great grandparents, seven are known immigrants: Mary (surname unknown), born in 1766 in England; Johannes “John” Eckenroth, born in 1709 in Münster, Westfalen, Germany, and his wife Anna Margaretha (surname unknown), born on 1 Aug 1709 in Münster, Westfalen, Germany; Carl Gottfried Winterschmidt, born on 20 May 1751 in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, Germany; Peter Noël, born about 1720 in Alsace, France; Henry Kuhn, born about 1718 in Bavaria, Germany, and his wife Anna Margaret Schmidt, born about 1723 in Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Germany.

Of my 128 seventh great grandparents on my paternal mother’s side, ten are known immigrants: Joseph Noël, born on 3 Feb 1679 in Saint-Stail, Vosges, Lorraine, France, and his wife Margaret (surname unknown), born in Alsace, France; John Peter Ardinger, born in 1700 in Austria; Johan Ernst Kiesecker, born in 1729 in Steinmark, Unterfranken, Bayern, Germany, and his wife Christiana Beck, born in 1730 in Steinmark, Unterfranken, Bayern, Germany; Johann Peter Stambach, born on 11 Feb 1729 in Kutzenhausen, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France, and his wife Catharine (surname unknown), born in 1725 in France; Ignatius Nathaniel Lightner, born in 1709 in London, England; and John Kuhn, born 1696 in Bavaria, Germany, and his wife Anna Barbara (surname unknown), born in 1698 in Bavaria, Germany.

Finally, of my 256 possible 8th great grandparents on my paternal mother’s side, two are known immigrants: Johannes Adam Leitner, born in 1678 in Rheinland, Germany, and his wife Magdalene (surname unknown), born in 1682 in Germany.


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